by Ghosts of Rome

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released December 15, 2009

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Diamond Factory By Travis Bonner




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Track Name: The Fall of Oedipus Rex
We will not be here in this place again
The time is now or never.
I will wait as long as I have to
I refuse to let this die.
Nothing worth having comes this easy.
A miracle turned tragedy.
everything is turned around can't you see?
You are more than anything I could of asked for
Tonight there is no bargains or abandoning.
I've failed in so many ways but I kept
them in here, locked away for years.
Just get in a car crash and leave me.
Drown in a river, take with you my sorrows.
I've failed in so many way but I've kept them in
here, wiped away my tears.
Drown yourself in your bathtub and leave me.
There's NO regrets.
With all these thoughts bubbling, and lost convictions, estrogenocide
intentions, and visible lacerations, I think it's time you understand I
think it's time I took a stand, and it's time you got what you deserved.
No time for second chances there is no abandoning ship tonight
its all or nothing now or never
Track Name: Dear Sarah
How dare you this temptress is killing me, she's pulling me under,
I can't see or speak, why is this happening, why can't there be a better
way just tell me how to get over you, this won't last forever, are you
completely blind? Rip those words right from her mouth.
Track Name: City in Ruin
I will now repeat everything that I once have said this is not new to
anyone but me. Why do I drown myself with the situations when the end
is so near.Forget everything you once knew we are here for so much more than this.
And here we go again, we fight but no one ever looses,
the agreements we come to don't make sense, the point of trust is lost
and I don't see a point to all of our convictions.
And here we go
again, we fight but no one ever looses, the agreements we come to don't make sense, the point of trust is lost and I don't see a point to all
of our convictions.
I refuse to change I refuse to take sides, I'd
rather let this all just die tonight, we will tear this place apart
from the inside out, breaking through this apathy and moving on, taking
on this upper hand, I can't change this path were on, my eyes are
filled with fear, no ones leaving here the same again, with their hands
raised so high, believing what they know nothing about, remove the
masks not even a hint of truth remains, will things get better, or will
I just become numb to it all, I cannot take this place. I need to
change, as it unfolds, let this all seep in, what are we fighting for?
Track Name: Jonessecre
Let's take it back a step, show me what was really going on when he took your control. How did it feel to control the thoughts of thousands others, was it just like any other?

I'm not here to criticize, but you should know that behind his eyes and simple lies, lies another.
I'm not here to criticize, but your leader's not so worthy anymore, not anymore.

Bow down in his presence and seek nothing, just obey what is said to you, Put your hearts on your sleeves then bury them, my child.

Here we go again and I'll see this through. You'll never speak a word. Leave it all to me I'll do the talking.
Hold my hand, hold my hand, Let's celebrate our deaths. It's just another task in this plan, our resistance.

ENCORE! ENCORE! My breath is leaving me, They say it's the bitter taste, but
that's not why the children are screaming. ALAS the final toast! Raise
your glasses if you can, 'till they disappear.

And the glasses fell, the bodies fall, and I can't see this through. Of course there's light in us, but here we are oh here we are oh here we are again!

And like a princess speak but be ignored. You're close to power not earned, here we fall. Our heart sings, clearly red and there's no difference, maybe raised in the afterlife you'll have a fighting chance.

So here we raise our glasses.
Track Name: Wasting What I Haven't Lost Yet
We will not do this again, with your hands on my chest, whispering this
blasphemy. Everything is going completely wrong right now, this is the
price I will pay, I will now watch this all fall and crumble at your
knees. No mercy no grace will be given you get what you pay for, I
have no sympathy for you who refuse to change, why did i even try to
bring out the best in you? THIS IS THE DAY! I will now bring us back to
where it all began and see what went wrong, we will find a way to keep
this from crushing us
You've ruined me twice, it's your law, and you know there's not a chance of forgiveness anymore.
You're breaking what you don't see costly, I'm wasting what I haven't lost yet. Tell me more.
Track Name: Atlantis
The weight of the world is on my back, it's killing me, telling me to hold
on, I can't make it, the masses will never get to read this no one will
ever know what this means to me, this never happened, will this stay
the same or will I get lost in the chaos, I can't bring you back, this
can't ever change. I can't bring you back from the dead, speak through me tell them the way it was intended, this is real, purity will
prevail, this will be worth it in the end, the weight of the world is
on my back, it's killing me, telling me to hold on, I can't make it, my
nightmares are running through these walls, they are on my back making their way up my spine, no one is leaving here the same, I will reach down the throat of what will become of me, and kill the years you have taken from me.